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Disruptive Technology

SOCIETAL are looking at crucial strides in technological enhancements and how they can help us improve as a society. That’s why we’re interested in looking at and developing technology that will add improve the way we travel and logistics in general.

Any disruptive innovation is one which creates a new market and value chain and eventually disrupts an existing market and value chain. Logistics, a vital component of many markets, is therefore rife for disruption. Legacy systems serve as the backbone of many companies, yet support for them are either dwindling or non-existent. This makes new innovations well placed to disrupt our current industry standards, resulting in more efficient workflows.

Currently, we participate in a number of projects and initiatives that fulfil our goal of disrupting the current technological landscape. Namely, these projects are AEOLIX and PolyCE. Alongside these we are actively looking for UK-based, government funded, bids to bring to our attention areas requiring improvement. 

Finally, in-house development is set to commence for logistics solutions in Demand Responsive Transport, load consolidation, and efficient transportation.