SOCIETAL Director makes appearance on BBC Radio 4

Liam Fassam, Director for SOCIETAL, made an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Bottom Line’ this week to discuss what happens to businesses when their supply chain fails.

The show which is hosted by Evan Davis aired on Thursday 18th October and discussed how important supply chains are for a variety of different products ranging from iPhones to cabbages.

Another topic brought up by the show was the concept of Cyber-Crime and how it could potentially affect the industry. Liam Fassam said: “Cyber becomes a huger issue the more automated we become. One of the areas we’ve been looking into at the moment is a lot of automated vehicles, and I know it’s not strictly the supply chain but it is part of daily life in moving things around. Should there be some form of cyber attack on the critical infrastructure in the UK, you could actually bring it to a halt.”  

The episode is still available to listen to on BBC Sound via:


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