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Current and Future SOCIETAL Transformative Transport Projects

1. Connective and holistic infrastructure design – SOCIETAL has been asked to propose a methodology to DfT to support the funding review pertaining to new ways of designing and operating infrastructure.

2. Rural transport – a synergistic approach to deliver connected and aligned services based around a non-silo approach to contract and procurement management.

3. Cycle hire – discussions underway to realise the introduction of an innovation partner to offer transformational cycle travel across Northamptonshire.

4. Demand responsive transport – SOCIETAL will operate a demand responsive transport trial utilizing excess capacity within community transport operators to merge partner logistics operations and commuters onto existing infrastructure.

5. Transport Hubs –  development of multi-modal transport hubs for locations East, West, and North of Northampton.

6. Ride-sharing solutions- innovative trialling and assessment (apps, methodologies) working with proven providers to align new tech developers with real-life challenges, resulting in platform-agnostic solutions which fully utilise the possibilities of advanced technology and Big Data.

7. Collective, coordinated travel planning– a collective approach to public / private sector travel planning, breaking a legacy ‘silo approach’ and offering transport provision procurement using Big Data analysis.

8. Advanced vehicle technologies – A study of applications for advanced vehicle technologies, including electric vehicles and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV), vehicle charging and associated infrastructure.